Rewards & Benefits


We believe in rewarding our staff as generously as possible since our success is linked to your success. We offer our staff competitive wages and salaries.  Wages are reviewed annually and are calculated based on individual performance, industry and market benchmarks and budgetary considerations.   

Bonus & Incentive Plans:

We believe in rewarding individuals based on their own performance and depending on your role we have bonus programs for achieving sales or productivity targets while others are rewarded for completing training.   We also need to work together as a team so in addition to individual incentives we have group incentives designed to reward the team’s performance.

Health & Dental Benefits:

Our extended health and dental insurance provides you coverage for things like prescription drugs, paramedical practitioners (i.e. massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic), hospital and ambulance services and dental coverage for routine check-ups and partial coverage for major procedures.

Travel Insurance is also part of our health coverage and provides coverage for medical emergencies that occur while travelling out of province. 

To complement the extended health and dental benefits, we have a health spending account (HSA) which can be used to supplement our benefit plan on a tax free basis.  Health spending account credits (dollars) are allocated into the HSA every November based on your length of service.  The credit amount ranges from $500 - $1250 in credits per year.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Our employee assistance program provides you and your dependents access to free professional confidential assistance services. 

If you or someone in your family is having some family, personal or work related problems, dependency issues, has legal questions (criminal / tax law not included), needs some assistance with some financial problems, or assisting with situations related to eldercare and/or childcare please call 1-844-556-1774 to speak to a Solareh representative now.

Retirement Savings:

Saving for retirement is important and to assist you in achieving your retirement goals.  Participating in the Group RRSP plan is voluntary but some of the added benefits of the group plan versus an individual RRSP plan are the lower investment management fees plus the simplicity of contributing via payroll deduction and the tax savings being realized at source each pay.