Truck systems and functions are becoming more complex and integrated and we need to be experts to provide the customers the best solutions. In our dealership you have access to the best training in the industry and with the advancements in technology we expect you to complete training to stay up to date in your area of expertise. 

OnCommand Education: 

OnCommand Education is Navistar's online training portal and it offers a wide range of training tailored to your occupation from product knowledge to customer support to technical service training.  The training is accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week through the OnCommand Education portal.  You just need to login with your user ID at

Engine Training:

We have access to the latest engine training courses from the new N Series engines to MaxxForce, and Cummins ISX and ISB.  Access to the engine training is done through the OnCommand Education portal or Cummins Virtual College.  Once the online courses are complete you can attend in person classes.  Overnight travel may be required to complete any in person courses.   

Training Facility:

We have a state of the art training facility where our internal trainer conducts training seminars on the latest technologies and products in the industry.  We have a full complement of training tools to give participants the best learning experience possible.